Friday, February 21, 2014

Walmart Super Shoe Deals (or, steals!)

Hello everybody and Happy Friday to all! I am a tightwad. Most people know this. I hate spending money on myself because I always feel like whatever I already have is good enough. I am certainly not without food clothing or shelter, ya know. So, for me to purchase SIX pair of shoes AT ONE TIME for myself is UNHEARD of. It is seriously like a sasquatch sighting, to be certain.

As I type this, my Walmart in Somerset, KY has their winter apparel and shoes on clearance. If the item is marked $7 or below, the cashier will ring them up for $2.00. If the item is marked $3 or below, it is only $1.00. I was able to get all six pair for $9.00 plus tax! Check it out:

L to R and going clockwise:
Tan faux suede "ugg" style boots. Regular price = $16.87 marked to $5. FINAL PRICE = $1.00
Cognac high heeled dress boots. Regular price = $25.87 marked to $7. FINAL PRICE = $2.00
Black biker boots with plaid lining. Regular price = $28.87 marked to $7. FINAL PRICE = $2.00
Black and purple with bow "ugg" style boots. Regular price torn off, marked to $3. FINAL PRICE = $1.00
Tan/gold faux suede moccasins. Regular price = $12.97 marked to $7. FINAL PRICE = $2.00
Pink faux fur slippers. Regular price = $4.97. FINAL PRICE = $1.00

Even if I don't count the value of the black and purple boot since I don't know the original cost, the total for the rest of the shoes is still $89.55!! So, I am willing to say that I got over a hundred dollars worth of shoes for $9.54 (tax included). I am one happy girl considering it is still February and I can wear all these NOW!!!

Call your Walmart ahead of time to find out if they are having a similar sale. I definitely need to now check out the clothes! If you find out that the same deals are going on, RUN to Walmart before it is all gone. And, remember - - - it is NOT too early to shop for Christmas presents, so ask your family and friends for their sizes before you go. I would personally love getting one of these pairs of boots under the tree. 

Have a fun, frugal and fabulous weekend, from our house to yours!


  1. Wow wow!!! I would like to find these deals.

    1. I was very blessed! I went there to shop for some folks at work when I happened upon the deals. I initially got one pair of $7.00 boots since they were marked down from nearly $25.00. When the cashier rang them up, she overrode the price to $2.00, explaining the clearance sale to me. Needless to say, that's when I went back for more.

  2. Love all the info you provide!!! Love Auntie!!

  3. Thank you Auntie! I feel like God leads me to different ways to save money, so I try to share it with others as best as I can.