Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday Mail Call

It's time again for....Saturday Mail Call! 

I was pleasantly surprised when I went outside to check the mailbox today. It feels like an early spring day out there. It is quite the departure from the single digit and negative digit days we have been having lately......knock on a big piece of wood! Let's pray the worst is over.

So, how did I make out this week, freebie-wise? Pretty well, I do believe.

Mailbox contents for this week:
  1. Five magazines:  Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, Tennis, Men's Journal and Field & Stream. For your own FREE magazine subscriptions, try one of these: FreebizmagRewards Gold or ValueMags. Each of these magazines came from one of those sources. I like to use magazines not only to read, but also to share with others, tear out the pages as packing material for Christmas decorations, start fires in the fire pit, etc. I have even been eyeballing those baskets made from rolled magazine pages........maybe a future craft project, huh?
  2. Depend Undergarments Sample Pack with coupon for women. Even if you are unable to use these, you might know someone who can. These undergarments can be really expensive for those who need them and have to purchase them on a regular basis. I will put these with the Tena pads I got at Wallyworld yesterday for free + $1.73 moneymaker and await a future use. They are still available HERE
  3. Metamucil 2-pack Sugar Free Orange Smoothie Singles with coupon. This was a freebie from Walmart's website, and is still available by going HERE.
  4. Dreambaby Sliding Lock and Safety Catch kits. These kits are available from Procter & Gamble by clicking HERE. Note that if you want enough to do a whole kitchen or whatever room you need them for, requests are accepted PER EMAIL ADDRESS (My husband and I have several email addresses). So, basically, you can have several kits shipped to the same postal address as long as you register with different email addresses for each kit. Again, even if you don't need them, think of what a nice baby shower gift this would make (don't get insulted if YOU end up with them LOL)
  5. FREE 16.9 oz Aquafina FlavorSplash water coupon. Unfortunately, this was a Facebook freebie and is no longer available.
  6. FREE medium beverage from Dunkin Donuts for the hubster's birthday, which was actually January 20th. We had three DD free beverage coupons last night (my b-day, his b-day and a newspaper coupon clipping), so we went to Dunkin Donuts after supper. My hubby and son got hot chocolate and I got a Hazelnut Iced Coffee. They were yummy. I mentioned yesterday how to sign up for this, but here it is again in case you missed it: DD Perks Rewards Program
  7. Faux Pearl Earrings from Daily Sale. This is a website that has a different group of deals each day, usually cheaply priced cool gadgets. They occasionally list freebies (with free shipping) for new customers, but I am not sure when the next offer will occur. Feel free to check out their website HERE, but don't register unless you plan to buy something. Save the registration for the next freebie, since they are only given to new customers! Imagine how these little earrings will look after placed into a jewelry gift box (available in a 3 pack from Dollar Tree, of course). Another nice item for my gift closet (once again, if you get these from me, keep in mind that they are nice enough that I would wear them, but I already have a pair - - hehehe)!!

What are you waiting for? In case you haven't had a chance to check them out, the primary sources for my freebies are Hip2Save, Free Stuff Finder, Free Stuff Times and Free Product Samples. Get going to these websites and soon your mailbox will be brimming with goodies. Sure does soften the blow of the bills that also (sadly) come from the mailbox. I hope everyone has a blessed weekend. Be sure to attend church tomorrow.

Have a fun, frugal and fabulous day, from our house to yours.

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