Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fun and Thrifty Weekend Shopping

Well, today was a great day at church! Not only were Prentice, Peyton and I able to take a friend with us again today, but it was also Baptist Men's Day. The men of the church had some special music, and Prentice plus two others shared testimonies. Praise God! We have had a good weekend overall, and a fun, frugal one as well :) We have had Valentine's chocolates, cake, and plenty of food all weekend long here at home. We also went out to the mall and did a little shopping as a family. We found some great sales at Factory Connection, rue21 and Bath & Body Works. We all three ended up with cool stuff at Factory Connection, who has a great clearance sale right now! Plus, a LOT of their clearance is ALSO Buy 2, Get 1 FREE. There are some nice pieces starting at about $3, so you could get three pieces for $6 with the B2G1 sale combined with clearance.

The best deals we got were at Bath & Body Works and at rue21. For Bath and Body Works, there was a Facebook deal available on the 14th to get a full size bottle of Mad About You Diamond Shimmer Mist body spray with ANY purchase. Since all three of us here in our household have a Facebook account, I was able to print three coupons. What did we purchase to get the great full size body sprays? Three 50 cent hand sanitizer holders. The clerk even helped us find the products and was very friendly! At Rue 21, I spotted a rack at the entrance to the store that said "$1.00". I went in to browse the rack, and came out with two black/gray knit infinity scarves that were originally priced at $14.99 each for a buck each!!! All these things will make great additions to my gift closet. Behold:

AND, check out the receipts. I had three B&BW receipts, but I threw the other two away. I spent a TOTAL of $1.59 in Bath and Body Works to get (3) full size bottles of Mad About You Diamond Shimmer Mist, priced at $16.00 each and (3) Tie Dyed PocketBac holders at 50 cents. Like I said about rue21, I was able to score two Carbon black/gray knit infinity scarves that were originally priced at $14.99 each for only a dollar each! 

TOTAL VALUE of Bath & Body Works merchandise (before 6% sales tax) = $49.50. Our price (before 6% sales tax) = $1.50
TOTAL VALUE of rue21 merchandise (before 6% sales tax) = $29.98. Our price (before 6% sales tax) = $2.00 

Bath & Body Works tends to have some type of freebie or special about once a month. I suggest you Like and Follow THIS Facebook page to keep up with the deals. It is the Bath and Body Works Fans Society page, and will help you to stay in the know concerning coupons and deals. I know I keep promising a post on setting up a gift closet, but I must confess: my gift closet (actually my the whole guest bedroom that houses the gift closet) is out of order right now. It looks like it has been burglarized or vandalized or just plain messy-ized, and has been that way since I "shopped" it for Christmas (I know it's February now, LOL - - I have the door closed to that room). But, it served me well. I had enough stuff in there that we had festively wrapped boxes of presents and gift baskets galore for every member of the family and more! Go! Take an extra $5 or $10 with you and get a few things for birthdays or Christmas for this year! It is never too early to save some cash now and a lot of sanity later.

Have a fun, frugal and fabulous week, from our house to yours!