Sunday, March 16, 2014

Saturday Mail Call - A Day Late!!

You know what day it is!?! Sunday, you say? Ok, well, you are correct. But yesterday I was as busy as a funeral home fan in July, so for the purposes of this blog, TODAY is Saturday!!!! Or, more specifically...

Saturday Mail Call!!!

 It was a decent week, but I've had better. Beggars can't be choosers, I suppose!

1. I got several magazines, of course. Outdoor life, Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek and Martha Stewart Living. Get your own free magazines from Mercury Magazines, Rewards Gold and Value Mags.
2. Bigelow Tea "Constant Comment" with rind of oranges and sweet spice sachet. They also included a 55 cents off coupon. This is no longer available, but you can get an even NICER two-pack from Yogi Tea AND send a sample to a friend by clicking HERE!
3. JB's Fat Boy Premium All-Purpose Rub for some tasty barbecuing. This is still available, and spring grilling is right around the corner (I hope). Click HERE to get yours!
4. South Beach Diet Snack Bar in Chocolate Caramel Nut, along with a $1.00 off coupon. This was a PINCHme sample. They typically come out with new samples each Tuesday or every other Tuesday, but you have to sign up. Go HERE to sign up so that you can be ready! If the South Beach Diet isn't your thing, you might be interested in the Atkins Diet Quick-Start kit. I have requested this in the past, and it is really nice. It includes THREE different Atkins bars and two helpful booklets. If you have requested this before, they will not allow you to request it again. Get one HERE!

Have a fun, frugal and fabulous day, from our house to yours!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Easy Homemade "Irish Cream" Body Scrub - Sweet Gift Idea!

Good Wednesday night to all! Recently, my friend Tina Fox invited me to a FREE class she was planning on attending at our local public library. The class (held last night) was on making homemade Irish Cream Body Scrub. That sounded enticing, so I hopped on over there and partook of the fun. It ended up being a simple and quick project that has so much thrifty gift-giving potential! I don't have a smart phone (I lovingly refer to it as my Dumb Phone - - hey, ignorance can be bliss!!), so Tina used hers to take this lovely picture that showcases all the necessary things to make the body scrub. The instructor at the library was very supportive of the fact that I am totally "glomming on" to her idea for my blog, too!

Here is what she did: mix together a 4 pound bag of sugar (about $2) and a 20 ounce bottle of Dawn Ultra Hand Renewal with Olay (about $3 without coupons). She used a hand mixer to make the process easier. Now, you can stop there.....OR, you can add essential oils. I added a few drops of McCormick Peppermint Oil to mine, but it smells great either way. The bag of sugar and bottle of dish soap made a huge bowl of sugar scrub, so the lady had several different containers to package it in. Tina said she had given out a similar scrub at Christmas, and had packaged it in baby food jars. For a larger gift, a salsa jar would also work. Any type of glass jar saved from a future in the trash is great! Spraypaint the lid, tie on a wooden stick for stirring, add a pretty ribbon and tag, and it is ready to give!! I kept the one I made last night for myself. It is on the kitchen sink, and I keep finding excuses to go wash my hands :)

So, to be ready by Christmas, SAVE YOUR JARS!!! ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE BABY FOOD JARS!!  Have a fun, frugal and fabulous day, from our house to yours!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday Mail Call

You know what time it is!!!!!!!

Saturday Mail Call...

What a great week! Despite the big ol' snowstorm with which we got pelted this week, the USPS was ever reliable. I had to take two pictures to get it all in!!

Picture #1
1. Six different great magazines! I got Bloomberg Businessweek, Town & Country, Good Housekeeping, Popular Photography (2 issues) and Lego Club. Get subscriptions at Value Mags, Lego Club,  Free Biz Mags and Rewards Country!
2. NeilMed Sinus Rinse. This was a Facebook freebie. This great freebie is still available HERE!
3. BreatheRight strips and coupon. Still available HERE!
4. Flashlight/compass/match holder/lighter combo from Marlboro. If you or someone in your house is a smoker, go to to sign up. They offer free items regularly!
5. Free sticker and catalog from RideIcon (dirtbikes / motorcycles). Get yours HERE!
6. Taste of Nature Brazilian Nut Fiesta organic fruit and nut bar. I got this freebie by connecting with Splashscore on Facebook. Try it HERE, and get points (or, "splash") for likes and comments which you can then redeem for rewards - - like this bar!
7. Blouse (with original price of $89.99) and Half-slip (with original price of 17.99) from I sent urgent pleas on Facebook AND wrote a post on this the other day when it was available. The deal was $10.00 off any order PLUS free shipping for new account holders. These two items were $8.99, and I got them by signing myself and my husband up for an account. The blouse will be great for summer. This picture really doesn't do it justice!! I am thrilled!

Picture #2
1. Maxwell House International Latte cafe style beverage mixes. They sent me two: Suisse Mocha and French Vanilla. Unfortunately, they ran out of samples, but you can get a coupon HERE! My TOTALLY FREE Breakfast in the morning will be the fruit and nut bar from Picture #1 and one of these yummy lattes!
2. A total of 180 stick on address labels from The National Park Foundation. I don't recall ever requesting these. One of the perks of signing up for lots of freebies is that you sometimes get put on the mailing lists of other companies for different freebie opportunities. Several of my magazines were like this. I never requested Forbes or Bloomberg Businessweek, but started getting them after signing up for a free Wall Street Journal subscription. Upon doing a little research, I found the National Park Foundation website. It says "Due to overwhelming demand, we can no longer take label requests at this time". Oh, well. The ones I got were pretty, anyway, with pictures of various national park landmarks. It will save me from addressing my bills - - or, it will save PRENTICE from addressing our bills, LOL!! not forget to SPRING FORWARD!!!!!! Set your clocks an hour forward before you go to bed. Have a fun, frugal and fabulous weekend form our house to yours!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Country Crafts for a Good Cause (cheap too, of course!)

Happy Tuesday! I haven't posted in a couple of days, as I have been busy. The youth of Bronston First Baptist Church in Bronston, KY (including my handsome son, Peyton!) who are part of Bronston Changers will be going on a mission trip to the Frankfort area in a few months. They will be performing repairs on the homes of those who are unable to do it themselves. Each of our kids has already paid $50 cash to go, and will raise the remainder of the funds needed. Therefore, everyone who lives near the area is invited to attend a Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction on Saturday, March 8, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. Here are some of the fruits of my efforts for the Silent Auction. I will also be making some fudge later in the week.

Assorted country primitive rough cut wooden signs. These signs are my own designs, and are made of discarded wood from one of our local pallet factories. They are more than happy to give you as much as you want for FREE!! Bottles of acrylic craft paint are cheap and last a long time. I got the twine from Mighty Dollar, the clothespins from Dollar Tree, and the other little decorations from a yard sale. I thought they turned out cute! They would be nice gifts, too. There is a store in the local mall that sells stuff very similar to this, but you can make your own for next to nothing using free wood. Start now for Christmas *wink*!

Terracotta and glass "bubble gum machines". The glass ivy bowls came from Dollar Tree, while the pots and saucers were less than a dollar at Walmart. The little round piece on the front where the gum ball would fall from on a real machine is a clothespin stand, and came several to a pack from Walmart years ago. I used a clear silicone adhesive to attach the base to the bowl. Fill with candies and enjoy!!

I am hoping to have time to make more items for the Silent Auction, but we will see!! Tomorrow night is church night, and I also have an order for a teddy bear cake for this weekend. I will be really busy this week, indeed - - - but with doing all the things I LOVE! Thank you, God for blessing me!

Have a fun, frugal and fabulous week from our house to yours!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Mail Call

It's that time once again!

Saturday Mail Call...

I am happy with my haul this week! I got a variety of stuff, but my favorite is the free CHOCOLATE coupons!! Check out my good tidings:

1. National Poetry Month poster. This is actually a really pretty poster with a quote from Walt Whitman. Request yours HERE.
2. The Big Orange Splot Scholastic book. I got this from a promotion offered by Sherwin-Williams several months ago. I had actually forgotten about it! It is no longer available.
3. TEN coupons for a FREE Snickers bar. During the month of February, Snickers was running an instant win game on Facebook. They allowed you to play once a day until you won five times. I won five coupons on my FB and five on my husband's! Yummy....
4. Pantene Repair & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner travel size bottles plus coupon. This offer is expired.
5. Tena sample pack. This is still available HERE.
6. Three magazines: Ladies' Home Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek and Petersen's 4Wheel & Off-Road. Several free magazines are available from Lego ClubThe Red BulletinFreeBizMag, and Value Mags. Value Mags has MANY from which to choose!!

Someone asked me this week where I find my free stuff. I have listed some of my sources before, so here they are again for those who missed it before: Free Stuff TimesFree Stuff Times and Hip2Save. Happy freebie hunting!!

Have a fun, frugal and fabulous weekend, from our house to yours!