Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday Mail Call

Guess what day it is?!?!? It's Saturday! Time for......

Saturday Mail Call

I am so sorry that I haven't posted in several days - - - six days actually. My computer has had some issues, and I have had a busy week at work. Although I blame my poor computer, I was actually the cause of its issues. It suffered injuries at my hands, sadly. A while back, it was sitting plugged in and charging on the arm of the loveseat when I carelessly knocked it off into the floor, bending the cord where it meets the computer. Now, it will barely stay in place, and must be at a precise angle and held in place with the assistance of a binder clip. I need to bite the bullet and get someone to look at the poor guy, but for now he is hanging in there. Oh, well, anyway.....what did my dear mailman bring me this week?? Behold the USPS bounty:

  • Family Fun Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine and Family Circle Magazine. Go to, or to find subscriptions for your own magazines. Check back periodically for new titles.
  • The book Revolution in World Missions by K.P. Yohannan. This international bestseller is currently listed for purchase on for $5.36 plus shipping. However, you can request a FREE copy from Gospel for Asia by completing a short form HERE!
  • Purina Beneful 6 ounce bag of Healthy Smile dog food. I got this from Facebook, and it is difficult to tell if it is still available or not, as it tells me I have already requested it. I believe you can still get it, though. To see if you are able to request this, click HERE.
  • Tums Freshers antacid sample, 2 count. This is no longer available, BUT heartburn sufferers never fear! Get a free sample of Prilosec by clicking HERE and completing a VERY short survey.
  • Glacial Clay Spa facial mask in Arctic Cloudberry and Red Grape AND Two Maxwell House International Latte mixes in French Vanilla. These both came from PINCHme is a site specifically for consumers to try new products and then provide short feedback about those products. Sign up HERE to be able to request samples when they are available. Samples are typically released on Tuesdays at noon eastern time. According to their site, the next group of samples will be released on February 18th at noon.
  • Hada Labo Tokyo Skin Plumping gel cream with $3 off coupon. The coupons says the product is available at Walgreen's. This was a Facebook freebie found HERE. Their FB page says, "We are very excited about the requests to try Hada Labo Tokyo products! The next wave of samples will be sent in April. Submission period begins in March. Check back for updates! Samples are available while supplies last!" Like and follow the page now to be ready for samples next month.
  • Coupon for up to $7.00 any Tena product. If you remember, I have received this before, so my hubby created an account to get another. Walmart sells a 20 count package of Tena Serenity pads for less than $5.00. Their coupon policy states that any overage will be applied to the "basket" or given to the customer in change, SO you can use this coupon to get free Tena pads PLUS about a dollar and seventy-something in change. Request one HERE, and request a free Trial Kit while you are on the site as well. It is available HERE.

Once again, I think I did very well this week! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Be sure to go to Sunday School and church tomorrow morning!


  1. Great i will try this,get freebie s wow!!!! Love your blog!! Have missed it...