Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Weekend is Coming - Time for Pizza Hut and a Movie!

Greetings good friends! I love food from Pizza Hut, but even more than that, I love a great deal. I really wanted to pass this along today so you can enjoy this deal with the family over the weekend. What's better than FREE cheese breadsticks with ANY purchase?!? Check out the deal I got for a total of $3.81:

What you see here is three separate orders to feed three adults (or two adults and one big kid!!). There are three orders of breadsticks, two Aquafina waters, a 20 ounce Mountain Dew, a handful of peppermints, a handful of crushed red pepper and a handful of parmesan cheese. How did I get all this for $3.81 when ONE order of breadsticks alone is $5.99 plus tax?? When you register HERE on Pizza Hut's website to receive "Hut Lovers" email, they almost immediately send you a link to receive a FREE order of cheese breadsticks with ANY purchase. I signed up my husband, myself and my son. When you add a $1.00 bottle of water to your order, the grand total is $1.06 for the water and breadsticks. Now, I chose a Mountain Dew for one of my three orders, and it was $1.59 for a grand total of $1.69 for it and the breadsticks. So, really, had I ordered water for all three, I would only have been out of pocket $3.18. I suppose if you wanted to be REALLY frugal about it (which doesn't bother me at all), you could simply order a 50 cent cup of sauce, no worries. Keep in mind that you must LOG OFF Pizza Hut's website between orders and close that window. Click the link in your email to start the next order, and so on. Sign up for as many as you want, and simply tell them when you go to pick up the orders that you have separate orders. They gave me ZERO trouble at my nearest Pizza Hut, and the online ordering system was a breeze. I didn't have to pay until I picked it up, so NO entering card information online!! By the way, I chose "carryout", so I don't know if there is a minimum order amount for delivery or not. 

Now. After you have picked up dinner for the family on the cheap (you don't have to tell them, LOL), pick up a movie on the way back home. now through March 3, 2014, Redbox is offering up daily discounts on movie rentals. Text the word TEN of the word SURPRISE to 727272 each day through the 3rd to get a new code to be used at your nearest Redbox for that particular day. You may get a code to Rent One, Get One Free, a code for 50 cents off a rental or even a code for $1 off a game rental.

Pizza Hut and a movie sounds like a good time to me! Have a fun, frugal and fabulous evening, from our house to yours.