Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A thankful heart: It's not just for Thanksgiving anymore

I consider frugality as something that enriches my life and my family's life by helping to supply our household with the things it needs, as well as many of the things it wants. I have been blessed with the ability to be creative with the resources that I have and make meaningful things out of items others would literally consider to be trash. For that, I am THANKFUL to God. I have stated before that I feel like God helps lead me to the deals and freebies that I find, and I truly believe that! My various internet, clearance shelf and yard sale finds made such a big difference to me, my family and our budget over the past couple of years.

I would like to approach this fresh new year with a heart of thankfulness. I know as well as anybody that it is sometimes hard to have a thankful heart when you are in the throes of a difficult situation, but deliberately finding SOMETHING to be thankful for each day is necessary for your own happiness.

So, what are the things for which I am thankful? Here is a list in no particular order:

  • My church. The congregation of Bronston First Baptist in Bronston, Kentucky was warm and welcoming form the first time we ever stepped foot through the door. We officially joined the rolls last year (my husband and I by letter and my son by baptism - YAY!).
  • My salvation by the blood of Jesus Christ. Need I say more? Without this, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS ONE BIT! It amazes me that God would want to do a thing for somebody like me. I sure don't deserve it, but He loves me anyway. I know this because He sent His Son as a sacrificial lamb not only for me, but for you as well. It is a lot for my mind to even comprehend, quite honestly.
  • My family, both immediate and extended. Sure, every now and then they make me wanna yelp like a loon, but I love them very much. They support me in whatever it is I do, they have wiped my tears and shared my joys. I have also learned that not everybody is blessed to have others in their lives that care about them or even acknowledge that they exist. I must add that "family" includes Puppy and Leonard, my dogs! God sent these two "Good Guys" to me, as He knew I needed them.
  • A place to live. Not only do I have a place to live that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but I live in the kind of place that I always wanted to live: a ranch-style house in a subdivision that is convenient to town. Many people dream of mansions, fancy cars and tropical vacations, but I really don't care about those things. I am truly happy right where I am. As a matter of fact, I have felt guilt many times while driving past run-down old houses and trailers inhabited by people who simple are not able to do any better.
  • My job. Most everybody complains about their job. I complain about my job, too. But - truth is, my family wouldn't be where we are without it. Thank you Lord for giving me a good job!
  • Plenty of food to eat. We eat a lot of hot dogs, soup and hamburger helper-type meals, but we do NOT go without. No matter what has happened, God has always seen to it that there is food in our cabinets.
  • Being blessed to live in America. We have so many freedoms in this country that many cannot even imagine. Enjoy them - - including your freedom to be FUN, FRUGAL AND FABULOUS!
I challenge you to make a conscious effort each and every day to find ONE thing to be thankful for. Maybe thinking of that "thing" will diminish the severity of the trials of the day, if only a little bit. 

Here's wishing you a fun, frugal and fabulous week, from our house to yours!

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